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(Thales Nederland B.V., the Netherlands)

Hans Driessen is Knowledge and Technology K&T manager in the area of Algorithms and Simulation at Thales Nederland B.V.. He holds an MSc and PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the Delft University of Technology, both obtained at the Information Theory Group. He started working with Thales (formerly Hollandse Signaalapparaten BV) in 1993 as system designer of plot processing and target tracking. During the years he has broadened his scope to target detection and extraction, data fusion, sensor management, radar waveforms and target classification often as a supervisor of (young) engineers. Nowadays, he makes long-term innovation plans in this field, supervises studies, and consults in the design and engineering of new sensor products. He was at the basis of MSDF-Lib, a library of C-functions that is being used for developing the operational software in single and multi-sensor surveillance tracking systems. He was and still is at the basis of particle filtering applications within Thales Nederland. His professional interest is in designing and applying concepts from estimation and classification theory for developing competitive real world sensor systems.

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