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(Rinicom Ltd., United Kingdom)

Garegin Markarian is Professor at Lancaster University, with the School of Computing and Communications, United Kingdom, as well as CEO of Rinicom Ltd. He has over ten years of industrial experience working in senior executive positions for the UK, USA and Canadian technology Companies, specialising in digital TV broadcasting. Prof. G. Markarian is one of the founding members of the IEEE 802.16 standard, where he chaired a number of working groups aiming to select error coding and modulation techniques for IEEE 802.16a, IEEE 802.16d, IEEE 802.16e the WiMAX compliant systems. He was appointed to the Chair in Communication Systems at the University of Leeds in January 2004 and since September 2007 holds a Chair in Communication Systems at the University of Lancaster. Prof. G. Markarian co-authored over 200 publications, including 42 national and international patents, 4 text books and a great number of papers in leading professional journals. Current research interests include WiMAX systems, OFDMA, QoS, Efficient video distribution over wireless access networks, advanced probabilistic techniques and on-board video surveillance and aviation security.

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